How To Install: 1965-1966 Ford Mustang Pony Door Panels

Installation Instructions For 1965-1966 Pony Door Panels

1965-1966 Mustang Pony Door Panels

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    1. Remove old door panel from door. Remove window cranks, inner door handle, and grab handle screws, and cups. 
    2. Remove outer chrome beauty trim on door panels by removing the four small screws located on the back side, usually covered by black adhesive tape.
    3. Remove inner chrome trim on door panels by carefully straightening prongs that protrude through the backside of the panel.
    4. On your new panels, cut the bottom of your grab handle cup pockets as shown by the dotted lines in the sketch below.
    5. Install original grab handle cup into new panels.
    6. Install inner chrome trim and re-bend the prongs that protrude through the back side of your new door panel.
    7. Carefully install outer chrome trim and small screws (removed in step #2) onto your new panels. 
    8. Remove door panel clips from the old panels and install onto your new panels.
    9. Install panels onto doors.
    10. install grab handle cup screws, window cranks, and inner door handles.