• How do I clean my dash and prep it to be dyed? 

Our dash pads are trimmed, inspected, and cleaned before being shipped. But a film of mold release will be present when you receive it. To remove this mold release the best method is to clean with dawn dish soap and warm water. If you are looking to dye your dash pad, use a piece of masking tape as a gauge. If the tape can stick to parts of the dash pad, it is cleaned enough to be dyed. Check out this video from one of our partners for more information-How to dye your dash pad

  • When will my order be shipped?

If your order is in stock it will usually be shipped same day if ordered before 2pm PST Monday-Friday. If we are out of stock but currently producing your order, you can expect it to be shipped no later than 14 days. If your order is backordered, we will email you with a estimated time of completion on production or offer a refund.

  • Can I ship to an address that’s different from my billing address

Yes you can, please give us a call and we can process your order over the phone. Due to fraudulent credit and debit purchases we don’t allow this to be done through our website.

  • What’s your shipping fees and international fees? 

All shipping fees are dynamically calculated through the website for real time rates, this can vary depending on demand and other factors out of our control. We don’t charge any extra fees for foreign or international orders. Note that international and/or foreign orders may be subject to customs and import fees that are the responsibility of the purchaser. Check with your local customs office for more information.

  • What grain type is your Chevelle products?

We use the correct Seville and Madrid vinyl grain for the corresponding year.

  • Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in the USA in Las Vegas Nevada.

  • What is your lifetime warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products against manufacture defects. We will not cover products that have been accidently damaged or altered. See more information in our Lifetime warranty FAQ.

  • What is Original Ford Tooling and why does it cost more?

Original Ford tooling is the same tooling that was used to produce the interior pieces in that model and year vehicle when it was originally manufactured by Ford. The reason why it costs more is we provide a royalty fee to Ford for use of the tooling and we are no allowed to fully match or replicate the Tooling. The extra cost provides a product that is nearly identical to the one that was originally produced by Ford.

  • What is your refund policy? 

For products that have manufacture defects we will take care of shipping to return the item and send you a replacement or refund. For items that are mistakenly purchased such as wrong color and/or part, it is the buyers responsibility to take care of shipping when returning the item and for shipping a replacement if needed instead of a refund.