1973-1978 GMC Urethane Dash Pad

1973-1978 GMC Urethane Dash Pad



  • GMC/Chevy Dash Pad
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Self-Skinning Polyurethane for Correct Grain and Fitment
  • Includes Tracking Information When Shipped
  • Factory Colors and More: Black, Blue, Buckskin, Carmine Red, Medium Gray
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Replacing a cracked dash or restoring a project? We believe our dashes are the industry standard and stand by our manufacturing process with a lifetime warranty. Our Dashes are manufactured from self-skinning polyurethane that replicates the correct grain, fit, and feel.

We offer a selection of GMC/Chevy interior parts that also include a lifetime warranty. Our selection includes Arm Rests, Door Panels, Seat Foam, Console Covers, Grab Handles, Pillar Posts, and more

This Product Fits the Following Vehicle(s)

-1973 GMC C10 Pick up,1974 GMC C10 Pick up,1975 GMC C10 Pick up,1976 GMC C10 Pick up,1977 GMC C10 Pick up,1978 GMC C10 Pick up

-1973 GMC C15 Pick up,1974 GMC C15 Pick up,1975 GMC C15 Pick up,1976 GMC C15 Pick up,1977 GMC C15 Pick up,1978 GMC C15 Pick up

-1973 GMC C20 Pick up,1974 GMC C20 Pick up,1975 GMC C20 Pick up,1976 GMC C20 Pick up,1977 GMC C20 Pick up,1978 GMC C20 Pick up

-1973 GMC C25 Pick up,1974 GMC C25 Pick up,1975 GMC C25 Pick up,1976 GMC C25 Pick up,1977 GMC C25 Pick up,1978 GMC C25 Pick up

-1973 GMC K10 Pick up,1974 GMC K10 Pick up,1975 GMC K10 Pick up,1976 GMC K10 Pick up,1977 GMC K10 Pick up,1978 GMC K10 Pick up

-1973 GMC K15 Pick up,1974 GMC K15 Pick up,1975 GMC K15 Pick up,1976 GMC K15 Pick up,1977 GMC K15 Pick up,1978 GMC K15 Pick up

-1973 GMC K20 Pick up,1974 GMC K20 Pick up,1975 GMC K20 Pick up,1976 GMC K20 Pick up,1977 GMC K20 Pick up,1978 GMC K20 Pick up

-1973 GMC K25 Pick up,1974 GMC K25 Pick up,1975 GMC K25 Pick up,1976 GMC K25 Pick up,1977 GMC K25 Pick up,1978 GMC K25 Pick up

-1973 GMC Crew cab,1974 GMC Crew cab,1975 GMC Crew cab,1976 GMC Crew cab,1977 GMC Crew cab,1978 GMC Crew cab

-1973 GMC Blazer,1974 GMC Blazer,1975 GMC Blazer,1976 GMC Blazer,1977 GMC Blazer,1978 GMC Blazer

-1973 GMC Suburban,1974 GMC Suburban,1975 GMC Suburban,1976 GMC Suburban,1977 GMC Suburban,1978 GMC Suburban

-1973 GMC Sport Van,1974 GMC Sport Van,1975 GMC Sport Van,1976 GMC Sport Van,1977 GMC Sport Van,1978 GMC Sport Van

-1973 GMC Sierra,1974 GMC Sierra,1975 GMC Sierra,1976 GMC Sierra,1977 GMC Sierra,1978 GMC Sierra

-1973 GMC Jimmy,1974 GMC Jimmy,1975 GMC Jimmy,1976 GMC Jimmy,1977 GMC Jimmy,1978 GMC Jimmy

-1973 GMC Heavy Duty Truck,1974 GMC Heavy Duty Truck,1975 GMC Heavy Duty Truck,1976 GMC Heavy Duty Truck,1977 GMC Heavy Duty Truck,1978 GMC Heavy Duty Truck


Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 12 × 9 in

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